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Joanna Lumley


“The magnificent Royal Bengal tiger is now endangered: we need to act now to help save the remaining population before it's too late. Tigers are powerful and magnificent creatures which have a perfect right to live on this earth and yet their population is dwindling fast worldwide due to the voracious predation of poachers. I urge people across the UK to help support the campaign Save the Bengal Tiger Week; we must take action now to support these beautiful animals and save them from becoming extinct.”


Paul Goldstein


Paul Goldstein award-winning photographer, TV personality, conservationist and Exodus guide offers his support to Save the Bengal Tiger Week;

"I've always been passionate about helping to raise awareness of the plight of the desperately endangered Royal Bengal tiger. I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro with a nine foot aluminium-framed tiger on my back a few weeks ago as well as completing the Brighton and London Marathons all in a week - all for the sake of charity fundraising for the tiger. For eight years I have been working on projects to protect these magnificent creatures. Anyone involved with trying to save them has to be applauded and I wish Save the Bengal Tiger Week the greatest success and am very happy to be involved"


Amanda Prothero Thomas

TV Presenter

”Saving the Bengal tiger in today’s society is vital with so many beautiful species under threat from extinction. Having worked as a wildlife presenter and seen animals such as these up close you realise how precious they are and how important it is to  save them from the threat of poachers. I offer my support to Save the Bengal tiger Week and wish it much success”


Andy Varma


Andy, who is executive chef of the new Indian artisanal Chakra restaurant in Notting hill Gate, London says;

"It's fantastic that Save the Tiger Week is launching with so much support from restaurants across the UK. Campaigns such as this are vital to help save species such as the Bengal tiger - the beauty of this Week being that diners get to experience great food and also do their bit for charity - I wish the Week every success!"



14th and 17th of MAY

What do I have to do?



- Select your preferred restaurant from the list and pay online or by telephone 0800 344 5007 and receive an e-voucher with details of your chosen restaurant.

- Call the restaurant of your choice to make a reservation and hand in your voucher on arrival.

- The Save The Tiger meal costs £20.00 per person for a three course meal.



Campaign launch with Welsh politicians     See a real tiger!

AM Darren Millar, AM Paul Davies and AM Russell George


Welsh AM's and restauranteurs gathered together on the steps of the Senedd to show their support for the plight of the Royal Bengal Tiger and launch Save the Bengal Week.

The group gathered outside the Senedd building in Cardiff Bay to offer their support to Save the Bengal Tiger Week. More than 500 Indian restaurants across the UK are helping to Save the Bengal Tiger. It is the first time that so many Indian restaurants have joined forces in this way for an entire Week to support a cause. 

Mike Ahmed, Chief Executive of the British Curry Club says;“We are really appreciative of support so far for Save the Bengal Tiger Week and having politicians on board is invaluable in further bolstering the campaign’s success. We continue to urge curry lovers across the country to add their support by visiting restaurants to eat curry during the Week”


You could be the winner of a holiday for two to the Sundarbans in Bangladesh, or, you could be the winner of a family ticket to the West Midlands Safari Park.  Either way, you get to see real tigers!

All of our diners, who buy tickets either from the restaurants or via our website, are going to be involved in this fantastic game. If you bought a print ticket, then you have to send the perforated back of your ticket filled with your details to us to the address of the British Curry Club. If you bought your ticket online, then you don’t have to do anything at all, you are going to be a participant automatically.


British Curry Club 
Windsor House, Stuart Street, 
Cardiff Bay, CF10 5BW


Guiness Record attempt - EAT HOT!


To celebrate Save the Bengal Tiger Week - the British Curry Club provided a smoking hot challenge to Welsh University students, to Eat Tiger portions of hot curry!

Newport and Glamorgan University students came together to attempt to break the record for the Fastest Curry eater.

Rhys Bain from University of Wales - Newport was the winning entrant, who consumed 500grams of vindaloo curry in 2.35minutes. Rhys’ entry will be submitted to the Guinness Book of Records as a World record. Second place went to Verity Worthington who completed in 3 minutes 32 seconds and Third place to Niamh Gilgunn with 3 minutes 57 seconds - also both from Newport University.

The British Curry Club organised the record breaking event at its headquarters The Spice Merchant restaurant in Cardiff Bay to celebrate Save the Bengal Tiger Week running from 14th-17th May.

Mike Ahmed of the British Curry Club says “We were very impressed with the speed of the winning contestant – vindaloo is one of our hottest curries and the students performed admirably and managed tiger portions in record time!”


Chris Packham



Dev Biswal



"I've been involved in Wildlife for my work both as a presenter and a wildlife photographer for more than two decades now and have a keen interest in what goes on in this area. I'm well aware of the plight of the Bengal tiger and think that projects like Save the Bengal Tiger Week are a great way to help highlight the danger these tigers face of extinction. I wish the Week every success and the Sundarbans Tiger project overall”


Dev, executive chef of award winning restaurants the Ambrette, based in Margate and Rye says;“I wholeheartedly support Save the Tiger Week and the Save the Bengal Tiger campaign. I grew up in Bengal and the beautiful Bengal tiger is an animal that absolutely fascinates me. As a young boy I went to see this forest officer who was nurturing and bringing up an orphaned white tiger (the mother had been killed by poachers) and have very vivid memories of this majestic but gentle beast. I wish the Week every success in helping to fundraise to help save the Bengal tiger


Michaela Strachan

TV Presenter


Cyrus Todiwalla



“I have been lucky enough to see Bengal tigers in the wild in India. It certainly was an unforgettable experience and I remember getting so excited when we finally spotted one. We filmed a special for the Really Wild Show years ago about Tiger conservation work, both in India and in Russia with Siberian tigers. Tigers are the most beautiful of all of the big cats and it's devastating to think how vulnerable they are and how desperate their situation is. I wish 'Save The Bengal Tiger Week' every success in raising funds and awareness. The idea of eating a curry and also doing my bit to help the Bengal tiger is a great idea. What could be easier, eat a curry, save a tiger, if only it was that simple!”


Cyrus who runs two London restaurants with his wife Pervin; Café Spice Namaste in London E1 and the Parsee in Highgate says;

“We are very happy to be participating in Save the Bengal Tiger Week – it’s great that UK restaurants are helping to fundraise for this vital cause. The beautiful Bengal tiger is in danger of extinction and projects such as this one are crucial to help to raise awareness of their plight”





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